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      I have an important announcement to make:

      God has given you the power to heal yourself.

      This is an awesome power.

      And this power is already at work in your body.

      Within your body is a powerful healing system that fights germs, heals diseases, and prevents you from getting sick.

      Friend, God has placed a healer within you.

      And that healer is an amazing healer!

      Some of you may ask, “Bo, are you talking about the immune system?”

      Yes, but not just the immune system as you know it. 

      Because we’re talking about a healing system that is both natural and supernatural, both physical and spiritual at the same time. 


You Can Regain Your Health 

      Yes, you can be healthy.

      You can protect yourself from many major diseases.

      You can even reverse some diseases that doctors say are irreversible.

      You can grow to your old age yet move like a person 30 years younger.

      That’s all possible.

      How? I want to teach you 52 Healing Habits that will change your health forever.

      Do you want to feel better everyday?

      Do you want to avoid the common pains that your friends your age are complaining about?

      Do you want to save yourself from costly medicines?

      Do you want to avoid all the crazy side effects that come with taking medicines and medical treatments?

      Do you want to enjoy life with your kids and friends for a long time to come?

      Hi. My name is Bo Sanchez.

      I’d like to share with you simple, natural, and enjoyable healing habits that have worked for me and for so many of my friends.

      And this healing will involve every part of you.

      These powerful Healing Habits will not just touch your body, but will touch your soul as well.

      Why? Because both are connected

      In truth, your body and soul are one.


I Was a Sickly Boy 

      When I was a kid, I used to get sick every other month.

      Flu. Bronchitis. Diarrhea. Ulcers. Measles. 

      Especially measles.

      I’m the only person on planet earth I know who got the measles six times.

      First it was German measles. 

      After that, I don’t know which country they came from.

      They didn’t show me their passports.

      My doctor was baffled why I got sick so often.

      Years later, I learned why. 


Emotional Roots 

      Even as a kid, I was riddled with emotional problems.

      One reason: I was molested as a child. 

      When I was eight years old, a cousin bigger than I was abused me. When I was 13, my youth group leader molested me too. (I wrote about this in my book, Your Past Does Not Define Your Future.)

      Irrationally, I felt I was bad too. 

      Subconsciously, I felt I deserved to be molested.

      As a teenager, I developed an addiction to pornography.

      I saw myself as a big failure.

      I had low grades in school.

      It didn’t help that I was terrible in sports.

      I hated myself.

      I was ashamed of myself.

      Looking back, I felt I was in a prolonged state of despair. 

My Image of God
Didn’t Help Me to Like Myself 

      My brand of spirituality didn’t help me.

      Because I had a distorted image of God.

      My Bible said that He loved me.

      But somewhere deep inside, I felt He really didn’t like me.

      I felt He was obsessed with my sins, constantly catching me with my hand inside the cookie jar. Sure, I was His child. But I felt that to Him, I was a sinner first. That was how He saw me.

      Looking back, I now know this was all a projection of how I saw myself. I projected my self-disdain onto God.

      And my brand of spirituality corroborated with my projection.

      In my mind, God was some type of benevolent tyrant who wanted my attention and allegiance. If I gave Him my love, He’ll be kind to me. But if I didn’t give Him my love, well, He’d punish me to Hell forever.

      My wrong image of God worsened my emotional sickness.

      I already felt ashamed of myself.

      Every morning, I’d wake up depressed.

      I was ashamed that I was alive.

      I was ashamed that I even existed.

      And whenever I prayed, was God also ashamed of me?

      It felt like it.

      And my self-disdain was showing up in my body. I was manifesting my shame in my weak immune system. 

      No wonder I was sickly. 

Taking Care of My Body Was Good,
But Not Enough 

      In my late 20s, I decided to go semi-vegetarian.

      I gave up chicken, pork, beef—and ate only fish.


      I wanted to be healthier.

      I wanted to serve God for many more years to come.

      I felt my diet helped, but I felt there was something lacking.

      Looking back, it was because my physical weakness was rooted in my emotions and spirit. Thus, for complete physical healing to happen, I had to receive emotional and spiritual healing too. 

The Real God Broke Through
the Caricature God 

      Slowly, God’s love conquered my wrong image of Him.

      And God’s love conquered my shame and self-hatred.

      Little by little, I saw cracks in my perverted understanding of God. Gradually, I realized I was worshipping the wrong God.

      And step by step, I began to experience a different God.

      A God who first saw me as His son before a sinner.

      A God who saw my good before my bad.

      A God who wasn’t obsessed with my sin, but obsessed with how wonderful I was.

      A God who celebrated me. A God who cherished me. A God who really, really liked me!

      It was in my 30s that I began to love myself.

      And I realized that this was the key to my healing.

      When I learned to forgive, accept, embrace, and love myself, I felt my body experienced powerful healing. And when I did, I felt my body instantly become stronger and healthier. 

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It Has to Be Total Healing 

      My point?

      You can’t heal your body without healing your entire being. If you want to heal your body, you need to heal your spirit, your mind, and your emotions.

      But health isn’t just the absence of disease. I want to help you achieve optimal health, vitality, and strength.

      Friend, I shared with you my story just as an example.

      The root cause of your physical weakness or sickness may be totally different from mine.

      Perhaps your disease comes from a subconscious anger that you’ve never released. Perhaps your father abandoned you or abused you. Perhaps you never experienced love as a child.  Perhaps there’s a deep, powerful fear that has gripped you for decades now. Perhaps you’ve been under prolonged stress.

      Or perhaps your relationships are shallow and your heart is starving for love.

      Or perhaps you’re eating wrongly.

      Or perhaps your entire system is overwhelmed with chemical toxins.

      Here’s my promise: If you apply the 52 Healing Habits I’ll share with you, you’ll be able to heal many diseases you’ve been battling for years. 

      I believe you don’t have to be sickly or physically weak.

      I believe it’s possible to live until you’re 100 while still enjoying the strength and vitality of a 50-year-old. 

      You can be in sparkling health!

      Here’s a secret: Natural healing and supernatural healing are really one.

      They’re not separate. Because your spirit and your body aren’t separate entities either. 

The Best Pharmacy in the World

My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity . . . This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.”

-- Proverbs 3:1-2, 8 

      We like popping a pill for our diseases.

      If we want to sleep, we take a sleeping pill.

      If we want to be tranquil, we take a tranquilizer.

      If we want to fight germs, we take an antibiotic.

      If we want to slim down, we take an appetite suppressant.

      But all these pills will never solve your problem if you don’t address the emotional roots of your disease.

      Worse, drugs cause many problems. Not only is the original problem not solved, these pills cause many side effects.

      Friend, your body is the greatest pharmacy in the world. It produces the best drugs you can ever find in the planet.

      The drugs produced by your body are 100 percent natural, produces no side effects, and is given at the right dosage every single time.

      Doctors have known the placebo effect for a long time now.

      They’ve done thousands of experiments on placebos.

      They give a patient a pill with absolutely nothing in it and tell him it will remove his pain. The patient takes the pill and his pain disappears. Why? Because his body was producing natural pain-killers so effective, so efficient, it gives it at the right dosage and at the right time.

      They’ve conducted experiments with patients who had cancer.  They’re given a pill that was absolutely inert and they’re told it was anti-cancer drugs. The patient swallows it. Immediately, the patient starts manufacturing powerful anti-cancer chemicals within his body.

      Your body is more powerful than you think it is.

      When you pray with profound peace, when you laugh till your belly hurts, when you take deep breaths, when you enjoy the sunset, when you get a hug, when you’re engrossed in a project that blesses the world, your body manufactures all-natural chemicals that heal your body. 

The Shocking Truth 

      This blew my mind.

      Studies show that 85 percent of all diseases are rooted in our emotions.


      That means that among the 17 million people who died of heart disease last year, and among the 7.2 million people who died of cancer last year, 85 percent of those diseases were rooted in their emotions.

      Man! If only someone taught them to work on their emotions (not just on their bodies), some of them might still be alive today.

      Here’s what I believe.

      Most of our diseases are messages.

      What message? Diseases are telling us that we have a spiritual need that we need to fill. 

      But instead of listening to the message, we kill the messenger. We get rid of the sickness without addressing our soul needs. Very soon, the sickness will reappear. 

      Sometimes, in a fatal way.

      For example, our sickness may be telling us, “You need to forgive and get rid of your anger,” but instead of forgiving, we take a pill. Or our sickness is telling us, “You need to stop worrying and trust God more,” but instead of trusting, we take a pill. Or our sickness is telling us, “You need to stop working too hard and relax more with your family,” but instead of playing with our kids, we take a pill.

      In primitive societies, doctors were also priests. When people got sick, the cure was holistic. Aside from giving them herbs, doctors told them to pray, to forgive, to trust in God.

      And then the scientific revolution came, and doctors focused purely on the body.

      Today, the old model is coming back. 

      Because now, my friend doctors are praying with their patients, telling them to have faith, to forgive, and to spend time with their families. They’ve become doctors and priests again. 

Today, Consult Your Manufacturer

It is reasonable to expect the doctor to recognize that science may not have all the answers to problems of health and healing.

--Norman Cousins 

      If your phone is busted, what do you do?

      You just don’t bring it to anyone.

      If you’re wise, you bring it to its manufacturer.

      If you have a Nokia phone, you bring it to Nokia. 

      If it’s Samsung, you bring it to Samsung. 

      If it’s an iPhone, you bring it to Apple.

      Today, I want you to go to your Manufacturer.

      Get yourself repaired.

      Consult Him. 

      What does He say about becoming healthy?

      I’m not a doctor.

      I’m a spiritual mentor.

      So I’ll be showing you what the Bible says about health.

      It’s amazing how science is now discovering the logic behind these ancient verses.   



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  • Principle 4: Nourishment
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